Data Analysis and Programming
  • Experienced in analyzing, modeling and simulating problems in physics, biology and neuroscience.
  • Solid statistical knowledge: classical frequentist and probabilistic methods; experimental design.
  • Developed a full analysis suite with easy-to-use GUIs for biologists studying bursty sleep patterns.
  • Knowledge of Python, SQL, R and git, extensive knowledge of matlab, some experience with MapReduce.
  • A fast and passionate learner, dedicated to continuously and quickly picking up new technologies.

Collaboration and Leadership
  • Extensive experience of team work from several years of volunteer work in the student union in Lund.
  • Two years of leadership experience, first as the head of the physics section and then elected full time
    President of the Student Union, representing 2000 students and managing a budget of 500,000 SEK.
  • Collaborated in three international projects as the main data analyst and saw the projects to completion.
  • Led the design specifications for a housing project with a team of architect and investors.

  • Accustomed to public speaking in both scientific and other settings, with audiences of hundreds of people.
  • Experience explaining complex scientific concepts in simpler terms through university outreach program.
  • Excellent writing skills of both scientific and technical reports, as well as introductory and summary texts.