Programming Languages & Tools
    • Python, Matlab, R, SQL, MapReduce
    • Tableau, RapidMiner, Gephi, Excel
    • JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Analytical Techniques
    • Data Analysis
Experimental design, hypothesis testing, model fitting, selection
and validation, Maximum likelihood estimation, Bootstrapping,
Frequentist and probabilistic/Bayesian statistics.

    • Data Mining, Descriptive
Exploratory analysis, Data visualization, K-means & hierarchical clustering,
Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Singular value decomposition (SVD),
Anomaly and outlier detection.

    • Data Mining, Classification and Prediction
Cross-validation techniques, Logistic, linear and multiple regression,
Support vector machines (SVM), Decision trees, Random forest,
Neural networks.

Natural Languages
      • Native/bilingual proficiency:  Swedish, English, Spanish
      • Limited working proficiency:  German, Danish, Norwegian, Italian